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The presence of Scrub turkeys in suburban Brisbane suburbs has increased significantly in recent years. As a general rule, these birds utilise the many resources afforded them in suburban gardens while searching for food, but many individuals choose to take further advantage of the abundance of nesting materials choosing to stay and build their incubation mound. While many appreciate this this as an opportunity to watch this amazing suburban species up close, others regard these birds as nothing more than disruptive and untidy invaders of the very space we call our own.

The vast majority of complaints from suburban residents are squarely focused on the rapid deconstruction of their gardens by the scrub turkey and the subsequent mess these industrious birds make while actively building mounds and searching for potential food. As the composition of mounds may include large quantities of organic matter this may include anything in the bird’s path such as sprinkler poly piping, smaller plants and even small toys or garden tools. The appearance of any suburban backyard after a few days of mound building is often markedly different from when it first started!

Turkey in school yard video 

In their general movement through the suburban landscape they often utilise house roofs causing significant noise as they travel over corrugated iron roofs. They are also well known for taking pet food from bowls and helping themselves to uncovered compost waste. Brush-turkeys can often aggregate in high numbers causing substantial damage to small plants and the subsequent denuding of large areas.

At turkeyremovalbrisbane.com.au we offer contacts for local licensed operators who can assist with your turkey problem and provide mitigatory advice to minimise further occurrence of turkey impacts. We service a large portion of the Brisbane metropolitan area including The Gap, Dayboro, Chapel Hill, Kenmore Jindalee, Sinnamon Park Ipswich, Murrumba Downs, Keperra, Ferny Grove, Brookfield and all surrounding suburbs. With over a decade in Brush Turkey mitigation we are Brisbane’s most experienced and successful Brush Turkey management team.

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Please note: At Turkey Removal Brisbane we do provide contacts for licensed specialists in your area. However we do suggest you enquire of the current permit and insurance cover status of any engaged turkey catcher. We are not privy to all methods and techniques used by individual specialists and therefore do not take responsibility for their activities.