Why My Yard

So what makes the suburban environment such a utopia for this highly successful bird?

  • The introduction of large canopy tree species and the rainforest type understory planting of many backyards is not only desired by us but facilitates the Brush Turkey on all levels.
  • Filtered light creates opportunity for assisted thermal control of mounds.
  • The continued introduction of water allows for a more “dependable” environment for nest sustainability and in turn, better opportunity for reproductive success. 
  • The addition of mulch is commonplace with gardens and this ready-made “vegetative soup” mixed with moist topsoil is the ultimate recipe for success.
  • The creation of bountiful niches for invertebrates, a natural food of the Brush Turkey further assists with dietary need but these organisms also play a vital role in the micro climate within an active mound.
  • Pet and poultry food is common place with most backyards which these opportunistic birds will take full advantage of. The in vogue backyard bird feeder is also a hit for foraging Brush Turkeys and the static nature of these means a dependable food source in one convenient location.
  • The dry conditions of recent years has also seen many woodland dwelling Brush Turkeys make their way into neighbouring suburban areas due to the abundant resources afforded by the continued introduction of water.
  • In summary we have created a safe haven or refuge for these birds with all the ingredients of high level success at virtually every level. We have expanded into bushland areas with our homes and provided a one stop shop for facilitating the natural history requirements of the Brush Turkey at every level.
the mess a Scrub Turkey can do

A mornings work for a Scrub Turkey (above and below)

Scrub Turkey mess in garden